Works for Piano Solo
Works for Piano and Orchestra
Arrangements by Rózsa unless otherwise indicated
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Duration: 10'
Publisher: Editions Salabert, Paris
Out Of Print
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BAGATELLES, (Little Pieces for Play & Dance) Op. 12 (1933)
(Little March-Novellette-Valse Lente-Hungarian Mood-Canzone-Burlesque)
Duration: 12'
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel, EB-5584
Sales Agents:
J.W. Pepper #5977233
Di-Arezzo #Breito9599
Theodore Presser: #910-00315
SheetMusicPlus #910003150; EB 5584
Musicroom.com ( UK) EB-05584

KALEIDOSCOPE, Op. 19 (1946)
(March-Zingara-Musette-Berceuse-Chinese Carillon-Burlesque)
Duration 10'
Publisher: Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
Rental Agent: Hal Leonard Publishing

SONATA , Op. 20 (1948)
Duration 16'
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel, EB 6704; EB 5976
Sales Agents:
Theodore Presser #910-00322
Di-Arezzo #Breito9612
SheetMusicPlus: #910003220; EB-5976

THE VINTNER’S DAUGHTER 12 Variations on a French Folk Song, Op. 23 (1952)
Duration 14'
Publisher: Broude Brothers Limited
Sales Agent: SheetMusicPlus #BB1004

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NORTH HUNGARIAN PEASANT SONGS AND DANCES Op. 5. (Nordungarische Bauernlieder und Taenze),
Violin and piano (Bc) (solo: vl - - - timp.perc. - hp - str)
Duration 8'15" Suite.
Edition Breitkopf. Early modern. Piano reduction. Published by Breitkopf and Haertel

Duration 9'30"
Violin and piano (Bc) (solo: vl - - - timp.perc. - hp - str)
Edition Breitkopf. Early modern. Piano reduction. Published by Breitkopf and Haertel (BR.EB-5477).

Duration: 11'
Violin, cello and piano (solos: vl.vc - - - timp - str)
Solo concerto. Early modern. Piano reduction. Published by Breitkopf and Haertel (BR.EB-6452).

PIANO CONCERTO , Op. 31 (1967)
For Piano and Orchestra Perc.-Cel-Str.
Duration: 30' Description
Two Piano reduction
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel, PB4780 Study Score, EB6530 Piano Score
Rental Agent: G. Schirmer, Inc. (U.S. & Canada only)
Sales Agents: Di-Arezzo, BREITO9603 Piano Score, BREITO9604 Study Score
SheetMusicPlus, #997001340 Full Score-Mini,#910003350
Piano Score, PB4780-07 Full Score, EB6530 Piano Score Piano

SPELLBOUND CONCERTO for piano and orchestra (1946) Perc. Hp. Theremin, Cel; Str.
Duration: 11'
Rental Agent: Alfred Rental Library

SPELLBOUND CONCERTO FANTASY for Two Pianos and Orchestra (1984)
Duration 22:42
Dedicated to Piano duo, Pierce and Jonas

NEW ENGLAND CONCERTO for Two Pianos and Orchestra
based on music from the films Lydia and Time Out of Mind.
Duration 14:57
Dedicated to Piano duo, Pierce and Jonas

SPELLBOUND CONCERTO for Theremin, Piano, Oboe and String Quartet
Arr by Alphonso D'Artega. Premier New York Town Hall Nov 30 1946.
Duration 6' Description

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Reduced versions of concert works (Piano and Soloist)

RHAPSODY Op 3. For cello and piano
Duration: 20'
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel

VIOLIN CONCERTO. Op 24. For Violin and Piano.
Duration 29'
Publisher: Breitkopf and Hartel

SINFONIA CONCERTANTE, Op 29. for Violin Cello and Piano.
Duration 24'
Publisher: Breitkopf and Hartel.

PIANO CONCERTO Op 31. for two pianos
Duration 30'
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel

CELLO CONCERTO Op 32. For Cello and Piano
Duration 32'
Publisher: Breitkopf and Hartel

VIOLA CONCERTO Op 37. For Viola and Piano
Duration 31'
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel

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Piano Solo Film Theme Reductions

BEN-HUR. Main Title (Instant download)

BEN-HUR. Adoration of the Magi (Instant download and audio sample)

BEN-HUR. Love theme (Instant download)The Rozsa arrangement

EL CID Love Theme (Instant download)

THE LORD'S PRAYER (Instant download)

SPELLBOUND. Main Title (Instant download)

DEAD MEN DONT WEAR PLAID end credits. (Instant download)

DRAGNET (Instant download)

Lydia / Valse for piano dedicated to Merle Oberon From the 1941 movie.

DOUBLE INDEMNITY.Mrs. Dietrichson/ The Conspiracy. Also in The big Screen Collection